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About us

About us

About us

Living Concept is a market leader in equipping educational institutions in Western and Central Europe. We offer a wide range of products for nurseries, preschools and schools, which enables arranging modern, aesthetic and safe rooms that are conducive to the education of the child.

Living Concept is a Polish company founded in 2013, which creates diverse furniture collections that allow you to equip rooms according to your needs and preferences. We have our own production of furniture, seats, mattresses, dry pools and foam shapes thanks to which we guarantee the highest quality.

Passion for creating new products, listening to customers’ needs, dreams of unique educational institutions that will provide children with comfortable learning and playing conditions adapted to their needs, motivate us to continuous development.

In our work, we emphasize innovation, which is based on the synergy of experience and creativity. The joy of creating still motivates us to look for better and better solutions, which is why we constantly increase our offer using our know-how and the knowledge of experts in the field of education cooperating with us. We promote new solutions for the most effective use of the space around us. We are aware that it is not only about interior design. We want to create and inspire to arrange space so that it is included in the learning process, supports activities and interactions, is conducive to relaxation, ensuring comfort and safety. We are happy to share our extensive experience and knowledge of current trends with our clients, offering advice and assistance.

A modern sewing room with experienced employees makes it possible to carry out the most complex projects. High quality, colors, aesthetics and rich design are key to Living Concept products.

From the very beginning of the company’s operation, the safety and comfort of the user has been our priority. We know that in addition to good idea, the implementation of the projects is also crucial. Therefore, in our production plant, we care about maintaining high standards at every stage of production. We carefully select raw materials and components that allow us to create high-class, safe products. The materials used in the production have certificates confirming that they are safe for children

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